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Ready or not it is that time of year again.   Early mornings, long days, homework, and a change of routine.   Summer is over and it is time to get back into school.  This can be a tough transition for some students with ASD, but there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself and your student. Here are a few tips from the Auglaize County A-Team to assist you in a great start to this upcoming school year.

  • Start a routine a few weeks before school begins.   Script out- using words and/or pictures to show the schedule of the day.   Make sure you include a plan B card.   There will be changes, but you can prepare for them easily.
  • Task Analysis-   break down larger tasks and routines.   It may seem silly but think about exactly how many steps there are to getting onto a school bus each morning.
  • Talk about the changes. Prepare scripts and prep for these changes. Watch a video on youtube if it is a new experience for your child.
  • Take your student to school before school actually starts.   Most teachers are willing to meet you before school starts.   Contact your district representative or teacher to do this.
  • Practice walking to the bus stop and review bus rules. Talk about who may be riding with the student or arrange for a “bus buddy” to help with anxiety of riding the bus, especially if this is a new experience.

Some videos and resources to help you out.

Visual Supports for routines- Click link to open

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