IPDP Approval Process
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LPDC Coordinators: Lisa Tobin and Doug Adams
Contact Information: 419-738-3422 or [email protected] or [email protected]

LPDC Committee Meeting Dates

November 9th, 20234:00 PMESC
January 18th, 20244:00 PMESC
February 22nd, 20244:00 PMESC
March 21st, 20244:00 PMESC
April 25th, 20244:00 PMESC
May 30th, 202410:00 AMESC

Review Process by LPDC Committee 

Ensure that you submit your IPDP plan to Lisa Tobin at [email protected] one week prior to the meeting.

The LPDC Committee will review your IPDP plan.

After review by the LPDC, you will receive an Approval Notification form or a request for revision by a member of the LPDC Committee.  Your MUST keep a copy of the approval notivation form once your IPDP was approved.

You cannot start collecting CEUs for your next license cycle until your IPDP is approved so the sooner you submit the sooner you can begin counting hours for your next license cycle.

As you collect hours for your next license renwal, it is your responsibility to retain all verification of activity documents. No one else will keep copies for you – not ODE, not the County, not your school. The ACESC will only retain a copy of your current/approved IPDP.
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