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The mission of the Opportunity for Youth Program is to create a structured, safe and positive atmosphere that will allow the students to learn academics, tolerance and cooperation in an adaptive atmosphere all done in an effort to develop productive community members.

Participating School Districts

  • ACE Academy
  • Minster Local Schools
  • New Bremen Local Schools
  • New Knoxville Local Schools
  • St. Marys City Schools
  • Wapakoneta City Schools
  • Waynesfield - Goshen Local Schools

Participating Organizations

  • Auglaize County ESC
  • Auglaize County Juvenile Court
  • Department of Human Services
  • Family Support Unit
  • Family Resource Center
  • SAFY

Program Components

The overall framework is built on two distinctive elements, each focused on positive outcomes for the students.

Opportunity School

Opportunity School is designed to facilitate those students grades 7-12 who are at risk in their home school due to juvenile legal difficulties, or they have exhausted all options at their home school. An academic/career plan will be devised and implemented during a long-term commitment. Designed to educate students in a secured, structured environment, the program utilizes teacher-directed learning and online instruction that allow for individualization and customization for each student and district to enable students to keep on track with their peers. The goal is transition back to the home school, graduation, or successful GED testing.

Alternative School

Alternative School is designed to serve as a short-term suspension program (1-10 days) for those students grades 5-12. Suspended students are not out of the school environment but rather in a structured tutorial environment where they can make up all of their school work.

For Your Information

1. Enrollment of students in the Opportunity Program can be accomplished only through the home school or direct placement through the Juvenile Court.

2. Transportation requirements are determined by home districts.

3. Pending proper approval, Opportunity School students may be released for work during the school day.

4. Security systems are in use daily, such as metal detectors and video cameras.

5. Students must either pack their own lunch or they can order a sack lunch, which they must pay for themselves. Free/reduced lunch programs are also available to those who qualify.

6. The Wapakoneta City Schools calendar determines the school year, not the student's home district calendar.

7. All questions, concerns, or attendance problems can be addressed by calling (419) 739-7489.

Staff Members

  • Becky Diglia - Director of Opportunity For Youth (OFY)
  • Derek Morman - OFY Educational Aide
  • Christina Phillips - Alternative School / Educational Aide
  • Joe Dellinger - OFY Math Teacher
  • Debra Ornelas - OFY Intervention Specialist
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