Mission Statement: The Auglaize County Preschool is an alliance among students, staff, parents and the community. It is a developmental program responsible for making knowledge accessible to each student in a positive learning environment. The most important skills to be taught are: How to Think and How to Learn.

The Auglaize County Preschool Program accepts application for children who are typicals all year round. If you have a child displaying delays of any kind, please call the Educational Service Center in order to make a referral. Your referral will be confidential and will be handled in a timely manner, so that children needing programming will benefit from that program as soon as possible.


Auglaize County Preschool Sites


St. Marys

The St. Marys City Schools represents the school district responsible for the programming of the preschool children in these three classrooms.

The classrooms are in session Monday through Thursday.  An integrated typical program is available at this preschool site.

ABC Center

The Minster, New Bremen and New Knoxville Local Schools represent the school districts responsible for the preschool programming of the children in these two classrooms.  The classrooms are in session on Monday through Thursday.  An integrated typical program is available at this preschool site.

Itinerant Program

Children who need to receive special needs preschool services in their home, private preschool or medical setting will be able to do so Monday through Friday.  Itinerant teachers are available to deliver these preschool services at a mutually agreed upon time, date and venue according to the child’s IEP.

For further information contact:
Lisa Tobin, Director of Preschool Education
Phone: 419-739-0146
Email: [email protected] 

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